Thursday, November 22, 2007

Android - Runs on a real hardware

Here is a clip to show you Android running on a real hardware, Armadillo-500.

All credit is due to Ben "Benno" Leslie for his incredible work. All I've done is put them together.

By the way, the kernel is compiled as OABI with two additional feature enabled.
  • EABI support
  • OpenBinder

The kernel itself doesn't have to be EABI to run EABI binaries.


Nicolas said...

Hi. Great job! Did you compile the Kernel from Google sources or did you patch your own kernel with OpenBinder support (if so which patches did you use?).
Android can run on a Sharp Zaurus but it needs the custom Kernel with OpenBinder support.

Jooky said...

Please, Could you give me some tips to know how to port it to my board?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Josue said...

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Anonymous said...

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